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Home Appliances Pronto Electric Rice Cooker, 1.8L

Pronto Electric Rice Cooker, 1.8L


SKU: HF127

The Borosil Pronto Electric Rice Cooker, 1.8L is easy in every way - put in the rice and leave it - it will stop when done to perfect consistency. You don't need to keep watching over it and keep checking to see if it's over or under cooked.
The spillover prevention vent ensures there are no messy accidents, and the keep warm function allows you to have a warm plate of rice that feels “just cooked”, no matter when it was made! The detachable power cord enables easy space saving storage.
Warranty & Service:

2 year warranty against manufacturing defects
On Site Service: If you are facing any problem with your Borosil Electric Rice Cooker, just raise a service request and an engineer will visit your home to inspect and repair your appliance


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